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In Sinski,a motorcycle leaves assembly lines only means after it is completed and after all-round test and qualified quality,Then the complete production procedure is confirmed to accomplish.It is a production management system that regulates every step of productionhere to guarantee the outstanding performance of notorcycle products that meet the demand of the times andcustomers. 
   The components of motorcycle body are rauned and welded through advanced technology withprotective carbon dioxide weld.Proper welding tool and correction devices ensure the accuracy and delivers a vogue flair and unique Sinski appearances. 
   The stove-varnising line is composed of imported equiments from Japan,applying the most advanced technologies and imported lacquers to ensures the accuracy and plantation of lacqer spray.In addition,the first-class ultraviolet solidifylng equipments makes the color and luster of stoke-varnished parts shinning,statuesque and bright. 
   Sinski has adhered to the business prinicple of "Lead the century trend in the two-wheel field".Our business goals target not only on the durability,reliability,of the products,but also on the creativity,perception and flair to create and lead the trend .It is also refers to pursuit of satisfying customer's needs,creating new value and provide quality products at competitive prices. 
Sinski products always get close to the market and are full of characteristics and fashionable charm. 
   For Sinski R&D for power system is the core of the whole manufacturing process.Engine is served as the heart of a motorcycle and it's quality plays a decisive role in the performance of the motorcycle's power,and is also the implement of our sustained management principle.To improve the engine quality is not only to enhance the quality,increase the market share for the products,but also our sincerity and responsibility towards customers. 
   The Company possesses the international standard assembly line for engines and is capable of 400.000 engine units per year.At present it has successfully developed and produced 50cc-2-stroke and 125cc-4-stoke forced aircooled engine. To ensure the engine quality of Sinski's motorcycle,we have put anthoer giant investment on constructing the secondly Engine Project.50million has inveated on a engine box processing center.With a view to guarantee the accuracy and quality of engine box,the center is furnished with a comprehensive series of most advanced industry machine lines and kits available in the wodd-Swiss keamers,Japan Dltimeters
   Japanrinse and leak test machines and other imported high-tech equipments. Moreover,each assembled Sinski Engine is to go through a period of Thermo-buming process on the advanced controlling platform to comb out the defect ones and ensures 100% of qualified products that go to the marketplace.